Shingle All the Way

Oh how something as simple as shingles can really make a place look like a house! Big transformation weekend. The house got its roof completed. We went with a mixed media look. The majority of the home is shingles: Owens Corning Duration in Estate Gray. It's an architectural shingle that offers upgraded features to help prevent shingle tear or nail pops. This will add longevity to the roof and give peace of mind for years to come. The color is a mix of black and charcoal to add some textural interest. Then, in the back we put in a 16" Titan Lock Metal Standing Seam (flat panel) in solid black. This will look great in combination with the future black gutters. Looking forward to listening to the rain fall while sitting under the back porch.

PS-"Oil Canning" is a hot topic in the world of metal roofs. It refers to the visible waves the metal can get after install. The darker the color and the smoother the panels, the more likely oil canning is to appear within the flat areas of the metal roof. It is not a performance issue, just a cosmetic one (with little you can do to mitigate). There are great benefits of using metal roofing such as longer lifespan and higher energy efficiency compared to asphalt shingles. They are also more environmentally friendly. Make sure to keep all of this in mind when deciding where to use this material.