Just a Trim

After we installed the windows, the next step we opted for, before the siding crew starts, is to trim out our own windows. Typically you can have your siding crew use hardie board trim, however couple things to note. Hardie board trim comes primed. When they manufacture the boards there is typically excess paint and run-off. This detail makes it not look smooth when it is painted. In contrast, if you use wood you are able to achieve a much cleaner look that will give a better end visual (most of the time). Also, hardie trim is expensive. By doing our own wood trim, we can get a cleaner end result and save about $6k. I'd call that a win/win.

Since we are building a craftsman inspired home, wood details are important. Opting for a more decorative window trim instead of a basic picture frame. This will give the home some elevation and be the perfect accent to her new windows.