A Splash of Kure

Had the privilege of touring my friend's Kure Beach House. Take a look at what a great job she did with the design. A modern approach to Southern Coastal Living.


  • Black exterior windows and counter tops to bring some unexpected drama

  • Suede finish countertops (I instantly had a love fest with these)

  • Living room encourages conversations over classic entertainment

  • Tip: Find alternative spaces to put your tv instead of above the fireplace. Your room will look more designer, people will talk more, and your neck will thank you for not having to strain.

  • Bright pop colors for front and pocket doors to add playfulness (bright chartreuse was used, but not seen in pictures)

  • Opted for hand-painted reclaimed wood as art instead of framed photographs

  • Daybed reimagined as a perfect screened porch swing

  • Game room with crow's nest lookout

  • Genius hidden overflow sleeping options! Hidden inside the game room walls (where you conventionally would have storage) were 2 single mini suites. What a great surprise!

*Credits to the fabulous Maggie Wright