On the Nightstand:

Selection of Books Read & Reviewed By Me

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A common theme for this summer has been to recenter myself, so I wanted to revisit a favorite of mine (and international best seller). This is a magical tale of self-discovery that takes the reader on a fanciful journey. Following the dreams of a young shepard, the author teaches the important lessons of the wisdom from listening to your own heart. How often what we truly desire can only be found within.

This is a fun, quick read that leaves the soul feeling full. Next time you have a dream about treasure, you might just want to pursue it. 

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Looking for a Summer thriller to add a little fantasy to your days? Lucy Foley takes the reader on an Agatha Christy style whodunit that keeps you guessing until the very end. Set on a remote island off the coast of Ireland, the plot centers around a wedding of some of society VIPs...and a murder that overshadows it. Each chapter is told from a different cast member's point of view creating authentic perspective and emotional attachment to the characters. As it is often found in life, it's a small world and everyone is connected.

The Henna Artist by Alka Joshi. 


Just finished and sad it's over! After getting past some of the traditional Indian words I was struggling with (thank you Alka for the glossary in the back!), I couldn't put it down. This book was a powerful story centered around women. Although the scene takes place mostly in Jaipur, and is focused on Indian caste system culture, the universal message of "choice" in our lives is emotional. The book navigates some hard subjects, but at its core is a woman that is driven to make her life her own and help others do the same. A true rarity in a culture full of arranged marriages. I'm thankful for love marriages, the right to chose my path, and the opportunities I have as a woman. 

Untamed by Glennon Doyle


For anyone who’s struggled to find themselves or conform to cages. For anyone that has struggled in life but tried to be “fine.” For anyone that has tried living by the societal rules but thought why? Untamed is a book about life and what it means to be a woman. In life just remember: “This is hard. We can do hard things.”

I've met a lot of wonderful people along my journey; would love to connect and meet you, too!

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