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Welcome! We're the Dyer's:

My husband and I love spending our free time renovating and remodeling homes. With his background in upscale construction, real estate sales, and mortgage origination paired with my background in design and technology, we make a great team! We've completed 1 major gut job renovation together and are currently working on our 2nd remodel turned major build (because not everything is as easy as on HGTV). For this custom build, we are doing it all ourselves! Rich is our GC and I'm the CAD artist/ designer. I'm also excited to learn as much on the construction side as possible, because I love being able to do things myself. A woman with a nail gun is a wonderful thing. Our Springer Spaniel Kenzie is always on the site with us and the mascot of this blog!

The goal of this website is to share my inspirations, trend boards, and personal construction chronicles of building our dream home. With our roots being from Charlotte, NC and St. Simons, GA, we love incorporating classic Southern styles with modern industrial touches. I'm an equestrian at heart, so a subtle equine twist is the cherry on top to complete my favorite looks. Just wait 'til you see the inside ;)

So glad you're here!