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Welcome to my passion project: Southern Spaniel!

I'm a designer from Charlotte, NC that loves following ALL THINGS HOME. The mission of this blog is to share inspirations, mood boards, and home design projects. 


In addition to trend, my husband and I are in the middle of our own massive home renovation turned build project. This blog will serve as a creative outlet as well as share the construction chronicles of our journey. We welcome you to learn with us along the way of building our dream home.


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On the Nightstand:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

A common theme for this summer has been to recenter myself, so I wanted to revisit a favorite of mine (and international best seller). This is a magical tale of self-discovery that takes the reader on a fanciful journey. Following the dreams of a young shepard, the author teaches the wisdom of listening to your heart. How often what we truly desire can only be found within.

This is a fun, quick read that leaves the soul feeling full. Next time you have a dream about treasure, you might just want to pursue it. 


I've met a lot of wonderful people along my journey; would love to connect and meet you, too!

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